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Many people know how to gather information, but not many people know how to activate that information. In business, that could be the difference between walking to the bank or walking into a wall. Let's walk to the bank, and the wealth of experience that can bring to you and your employees. 

I make this happen by providing in-depth motivation for you and your team--no rah-rah here--coaching business leaders, teams, and organizations to tackle their weaknesses and use their strengths to their advantage, correctly implementing culture shifts that can make or break a team, as well as spiritual direction for businesses, clergy, and other religious organizations. If conflict has arisen in your business or team, I help to mediate the conflict and get you back on track. I can also provide motivational speaking (I admit, some rah-rah here), and sermons for those seeking spiritual truth. Finally, if it's the space that's causing your headaches, I recalibrate it with office clearing and blessings for new offices. 

Naturally, I also offer prayers for you, your team, or your business. Fill out your information below if you're interested in a consultation for you and your business, be warned: results are magical! 

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