A couple of years ago, one of my clients suggested that I should call myself a “Professional Fairy Godmother.” I thought, that’s pretty silly. It’s so whimsical, playful, light-hearted. After all, what I do is very serious. I help people change their lives.

Yet, isn’t that just about the most perfect description of a fairy godmother you ever heard – one who helps change people’s lives?

Here are the key elements I bring to your transformation process:

  • Thirty-five years of experience coaching, consulting and spiritual directing offered and applied to your discovery and dreaming processes;
  • Intuiting the invisible truth that you need to know in order to be set free; and
  • Penetrating insight to walk you right past your own resistance;

Consider a Complimentary Coaching Session in which we will: 

  • Find out where you really want to be;
  • Get really clear on where you are;
  • Figure out the obstacles that are keeping you stuck;
  • Discover the kind of work we can do together; and
  • Conjure a plan for transforming your impossibilities into I’m possibilities.

 I think my schooling really only began once I started creating my own curriculum.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Art, Smith College, 1979.
  • National Theatre Institute, Eugene O’Neill Memorial Theatre Center, 1978.
  • Licensed Teacher, CEP Advanced Program, Unity School of Christianity, 1990.
  • M. Div. Candidate, St. Paul School of Theology, 1990.
  • Ordained Minister, College of Divine Metaphysics, 1992.
  • Doctor of Divinity, College of Divine Metaphysics, 1993.
  • Certificate: Center for Teaching Peace, Alternatives to Violence, 1995.
  • Certified Reiki Master, 2001.


Read my CV in full (attached). WARNING: it’s almost ten pages long; including books and other publications, consulting experiences, professional theatre, …et al.


It seems so simple writing all this in a few paragraphs but the Truth is I am a person to whom others have always turned for a different perspective, a way to think that makes them feel better, and help in figuring out what they want and how to get it. The way I do it is to add a spritz of faithful magic to your ordinary process.

If I can be of service to you, call, write, text, send an email, heck, send an owl. Let’s connect and get going, shall we?