Introduction: A couple of years ago, one of my clients suggested that I should call myself a “Professional Fairy Godmother.” And I thought, that’s pretty silly. It’s so whimsical, playful, light-hearted. After all, what I do is very serious. I help people change their lives.

Yet, isn’t that just about the simplest, most perfect description of a fairy godmother you ever heard – one who helps change people’s lives? I came to embrace the idea, when as linguist, I broke it down like this: A fairy is a magical being, God is the Mystery of being, a mother is a loving being and Ta-Da! A Fairy God Mother is a magical, loving being who understands the Mystery! My clients have told me for thirty-five years that I am a secret-agent-of-change—that I “make change happen.”

The truth is that what I really do is see you, believe you, and embrace you until, lo and behold, your insides match your outsides. I enter into a sacred trust with those with whom I work and treat as holy the work of nourishing the dreams of others until they come to fruition. I embrace that trust right where it belongs: In my own heart.  

If you are drawn to work with me, you are surely standing at a crossroads—between where you are and where you want to be. But knowing that probably won’t help you to take even a single step towards what you truly want. This is where I come in as a coach and spiritual director—discovering and turning under-performing assets into just what’s needed.

Here are the key elements I will bring to your transformation process:

·       Thirty-five years of experience coaching, consulting and spiritual directing offered and applied to your discovery and dreaming processes;

·       Intuiting the invisible truth that you need to know in order to be set free; and

·       Penetrating insight to walk you right past your own resistance;

I am a giant magnet for your true self. I traffic in curiosity, delight, and wisdom. I work with miracles, magic and mystery. Transformation, majesty, and power are in my toolkit. Most importantly, as a change agent, I love helping people make their dreams come true. I would love to help you.

Consider a Coaching Session in which we will: 

·       Find out where you really want to be;

·       Get really clear on where you are;

·       Figure out the obstacles that are keeping you stuck;

·       Discover the kind of work we can do together; and

·       Conjure a plan for transforming your impossibilities into I’m possibilities.

My Bona Fides: Don’t be fooled by the clever, light-hearted presentation. What you are getting here is the after, the triumph, the moments when my faith turned tragic losses into the marrow of life.

Despite painful experience my faith endures. No matter what I have faced, my faith is strong, unshakable, and most importantly, activated! I believe in the goodness of life and I live that belief. No matter what you are facing, my faith is big enough for the two of us and I share it liberally! When we spend time together, somehow you begin to have faith, too. If the major ingredient I bring had a name, it would be Faith.

Sometimes people ask me what I mean by faith. The dictionary definition is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” My definition is: confidence that everything always works out for the best. Faith is what allows me to trust, despite how things look on the surface. And so for the rest of the story...

(Disclaimer: This is not one of those what-I-did-last-summer bios, nor is it for the faint-hearted. You’re forewarned! More than half a century of life includes plenty of Ouch and lots of scar tissue.)

Stellar Intuition & Mender of Broken Hearts Certification Earned through Early Tragedy: My first Crossroads came thoroughly unexpectedly at age 5. My father was killed in a plane crash. That day my intuition blew open like barn doors in a Kansas tornado. And my heart blew apart. Eventually I found all the pieces. Now I know how to mend broken hearts.

Advanced Understanding of Addiction & Co-Dependency Earned Ringside & in the Ring: After that, my mom became an alcoholic, and married three of them in a row. I got a front row seat to addiction and co-dependency. I protected my three brothers. Those stepfathers were less than appropriate with me and we’ll leave it at that, except to say that there was healing to do.

Crazy-Aunt-You-Can-Call-When-You-Are-In-Trouble Certification Earned on Broadway: I escaped to study at Smith College and graduated in 1979. Then I moved to New York and worked on Broadway, my dream come true. My spiritual path exploded and imploded at the same time. I was 25. Wild things happened.

Surrender Chops Earned in the Greatest Loss of My Life: The Fourth Crossroads almost did me in. My then husband and I had a son who died the day he was born. Full stop. Grief doesn’t even begin to touch the feelings. I turned within because nothing outside me was working. I ended up in Seminary on a path to being a minister. Along the way, I had an encounter with Jesus of Nazareth, and most importantly, with his mother, Mary. (You can hear me tell this part of the story here. )

Four-Year Life-Experience Degree Awarded Courtesy of Death [circa 1995-99]: Life Changer Number Five brought me up short. In a four-year period, my grandfather died, then my grandmother, then my mother, then my best friend—in my arms. Okay, having become a ’Grief Expert’ at this point I also got to learn the taking-care-of-the-aging protocols that so many of my peers are dealing with today.

Disaster Street Creds Earned in Lower Manhattan: I lived half a mile from the World Trade Center when 9/11 happened. Uh, Crossroads, anyone? I’d say, Worldwide Crossroads. Two years later I crashed and burned, needing to leave the City and heal. Santa Fe called to me.

Field Experience at Loving, Losing & Trudging through Swamps Earned in Boston, MA: I met a woman and married her, and moved to Boston for ten years whereupon the marriage fell apart and into an eventually-peaceful divorce. Along the way, I trudged through swamps of betrayal, rage and sorrow.

Lessons in Staying Put and Putting Down Roots - In Progress: I moved to Kingston, New York to start over yet again. My work as a coach, consultant and/or spiritual director is done mostly by phone and the web. I’m living on Eastern Time, I’m staying put, and my literal and figurative house is in order. And it is time to continue my always-present writing.

Speaking of my writing... I’m the author of all kinds of books: fiction and nonfiction. I’ve been an editor—even for the likes of Harvard Business Review Press, and a copy editor and proofreader. It’s not a good day unless I’m writing something.

The Postscript & The Punchline (aka my credentials): I have been a lifelong learner; in fact, I think my schooling really only began once I started creating my own curriculum.

·       Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Art, Smith College, 1979.

·       National Theatre Institute, Eugene O’Neill Memorial Theatre Center, 1978.

·       Licensed Teacher, CEP Advanced Program, Unity School of Christianity, 1990.

·       M. Div. Candidate, St. Paul School of Theology, 1990.

·       Ordained Minister, College of Divine Metaphysics, 1992.

·       Doctor of Divinity, College of Divine Metaphysics, 1993.

·       Certificate: Center for Teaching Peace, Alternatives to Violence, 1995.

·       Certified Reiki Master, 2001.

Read my CV in full (attached). WARNING: it’s almost ten pages long; including books and other publications, consulting experiences, professional theatre, …et al.

It seems so simple writing all this in a few paragraphs but the Truth is I am a person to whom others have always turned for a different perspective, a way to think that makes them feel better, and help in figuring out what they want and how to get it. The way I do it is to add a spritz of faithful magic to your ordinary process.

If I can be of service to you, call, write, text, send an email, heck, send an owl. Let’s connect and get going, shall we?