Organic Change During the Chaos of Upheaval

Organic Change During the Chaos of Upheaval

We’ve all been in this place before. It’s common to the human condition. Just when we think we’ve got everything sorted to our relative satisfaction—work, love, money—some deep, inner impulse demands a change.

This is actually a code word for Growth, but we don’t experience it that way initially.

Depending upon how in-tune we are, we either welcome the change as some sort of improvement or we resist it like nobody’s business. It’s our resistance that is actually the cause of Chaos during Times of Upheaval.

We are usually unaware of this till After the Fact.

I say, thank God/dess to that because if we always knew where things were going to land, we’d be so caught in our resistance that we would never get up in the morning—for real.

Anyway, if you’re in the midst of the Chaos of Upheaval, whether it’s in one area of your life or all of your life, fear not.

I mean it, Beloved, just like the angels say in scripture, Fear Not.

There is a simple way to show up for Chaos.

It requires that you slow down, get quiet, and let your inner stillness come forward.

So’s you knows: each of us has a core of inner stillness whether we are aware of it or not, can consciously access it or not, believe in it or not. There is Quiet at the core of each human. Trust me on this—I’ve been working with humans for more than 30 years.

You don’t have to access your Inner Quiet perfectly or entirely to use it either.

(That’s a relief, no?)

Anyway, let the Chaos swirl around you, and hold still. Not tensely. Not crazily. Not rigidly. Just stand still and let it swirl. It won’t hurt you, despite your fear.

Now turn in a slow clockwise circle and witness your Chaos. Use your imagination. At some point in that 360 degrees, something will jump out at you. It might be a little thing: pick up your socks. Or, it might be a huge thing: do your taxes.

It doesn’t really matter because what we’re doing is slowing you down enough so that you can connect to your own Inner Wisdom, an alias for Quiet.

Interestingly, the best acronym I ever saw for Wisdom was in a Unity Church Sunday School. How’s this for cool?

W hen    


S urrender   

D ivine   

O rder   

M anifests


Regardless of your past success or failure rate, surrender is the only task that’s appropriate for Chaos. The only one.

But surrender does NOT means lying down and taking whatever is thrown at you.

It means paying attention more on the inside than the outside, and acting upon what you notice. What you’ll realize is that there is ONE TASK, one, only ever one, that is calling your name.

You’ve heard spiritual teachers say, “Do what’s in front of you,” right?

Well, that’s what this is.

Doing what’s in front of you.

But it’s a magical doing-what’s-in-front-of-you because it’s the one thing that sparks at you that is the beginning of the unraveling of the Chaos that occurs in Times of Upheaval.

You have an internal GPS that is meant to guide you out of the Chaos if you’ll attend to it. It’s no mistake that the expression is “pay attention,” because there’s a cost to attention, Beloved. That cost is your attention not being paid to other things.

So do this one thing, whatever it is. That one thing will lead you to the next one thing. Ad infinitum until you come out of the Chaos changed, which was the Original Plan of your Soul anyway.

Don’t let the Chaos scare you, sweet one. Work with it. You can. You’re designed to be able to work with it if you’ll pay attention to yourself in the midst of it.

Fear Not, & Carry On.

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