Getting from Free Won't to Free Will

Getting from FreeWon't to FreeWill

I believe the greatest travesty of our time is that none of us are taught that ...

what we believe guides how we live.

The way I rectify this travesty is to shout it from the rooftops as well as to teach it to everyone I meet.

There are metatruths that work on Earth all the time for everyone (no exceptions). I call them “meta-“ in the same sense as the word metaphysics means beyond the physical.

These are the Truths behind the truth. Here are four of them:

            Everything always works in my favor.

            The Universe always has my back.

            There is always a way.

            Life always has a happy ending.

Here are some more—with a more personal cant …

            I can make magic in this world.

            If I care, so does God.

            I need a little help sometimes—we all do.

            I will.

These ideas are about how to live happily with the past, happily in the present, and happily ever after.

A lot of times, my clients and I can simply release the past, and get to work in the present to guarantee a happy future, but unless you know what you believe is true about life, it’s hard to get started.

All of these ideas are based on the simple notion that we all have Free Will.

But …

Very few of us understand Free Will as gifted to all of us by the Divine Wonder. In fact, most of us live our lives based on Free Won’t—which is what I call focusing on what we don’t want. The more you focus on what you don’t want, Beloved, the more of it you’ll manifest, plain and simple. I love getting people out of Free Won’t and into Free Will because…it sets them free.

The real Capital T Truth behind Free Will is that your freedom is based on you using your will. 

For real! 

Amazingly, this means that …

you are not free until you will.

You actually cannot be free until you use your will to choose what you want.

Ah, that burning, singular (sometimes tormenting) question upon which all of our life experience is based:

What do you want?

Living here happily isn’t difficult really—it’s just that we have to pay attention to ourselves enough to figure out what we want, and take the small actions that lead us there. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Except …

We are afraid to choose what we want. Sometimes, we’re even afraid to know what we want! Go figure that. We have tied ourselves into just so many macrame pretzels about making choices (code: using our wills) that a lot of us just don’t choose. We float along, and wonder why we’re not happy.

You know, I have an accountant who does my taxes every year. I love my accountant. Do you know why? I’ll tell you. I love my accountant because he loves accounting! Which means … drumroll please … that I don’t have to. I don’t even have to like accounting. I don’t have to know accounting. I just have to know an accountant who loves accounting! What a relief. Freedom to will what I want instead of having to devote my wacky PFGM self to learning (ugh) accounting. Yay! Huzzah!

(I took an accounting course my last semester of undergraduate school. The professor called me into his office and promised to pass me if I promised him something in return: that I would never, ever take another accounting class! True story.)

Instead, I get to wave my wand, spritz magic, and help you figure out what you will; where, when, and why you will; and the small actions that put your will in motion as well as spending at least a little time every single day writing—because I love to write. (My accountant, bless him, does not.)

That’s why we have to start telling a better-feeling story for you AT ONCE (even if we change it as we go along and get clearer) so that as you begin to feel better, you will feel-better yourself into a new and improved you with a new and improved story ergo a new and improved LIFE.

But you have to DARE to tell it in the most magical way you possibly can—about connections, and synchronicities, and wild happenstance, all of which things come about when you CHOOSE to have them in your life.

Really, dearest, if you’re not going to write the story of your own life—be an author, take authority—then who is?

I believe we are all called both to tell and to live the best stories of ourselves and our lives, that we can, and I got really good at it because I love stories, of course, what author doesn’t? But also because stories are the infrastructure of our lives, and lives well-lived are satisfaction on legs.

I know you know how to tell your own story. Are you telling it to its fullest? When you do, you glow with life and possibility and love for the whole world. I want nothing less for each of us here every moment.

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