Finding Your Compass: A Guide to Working with Metatruths at the Crossroads

Finding Your Compass

A Step-By-Step Guide to Working with Metatruths at the Crossroads

What happens at the Crossroads?

We lose our sense of direction. Then we become susceptible to suggestion about our lives because we are disoriented. These simple Metatruths can restore our sense of orientation and direct our focus in a more powerful way. 

Step Number 1: Apply these Metatruths (truths that are always true and that will change your crossroads experience instantly): 

Everything always works in my favor. 

The Universe always has my back. 

There is always a way.

So, of course, what you want to know now is how, right? Don’t we all?

Well, here’s how, and it’s a spectacular secret to most people, so unusual that most of us never even consider it. Here you go:

You get to choose your working premises, aka your beliefs about how life works. 

This is why these are Metatruths because if you take them as your working premises, they will affect every single part of your life at once. 

Let’s look at someone who has other working premises, like say …

I have the worst luck.
I can’t win.
I never get what I want.

That individual will prove these working beliefs to be true. In fact, Henry Ford was right on:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

So since you get to choose your beliefs, i. e. think you can or think you can’t, why not choose ones that make life work for you?

Easy for you?

Fun, fulfilling, and fabulous for you?

I see no reason to prevent you from doing so except your own mind.

To be fair, Beloved, we often inherit these sorts of belief systems, so it’s definitely worth it to haul your beliefs out and look to see if they’re on your side or against you. I pick the on-my-side ones every time, and so do my clients.

Do it this way: take one of the beliefs I propose, say, "Everything always works in my favor," and live it for three days. That means you live as if you believe it, as if it were true, as if there is no other option. At the end of three days, evaluate.

Was your life smoother than it might have been?

Did you have more fun?

Were things easier?

It’ll take effort to do this, but it’s just like trying on shoes, sweet one. You only need the pair that fits you. 

You only need the beliefs that make your life happy.

Step Number 2: Adopt the PFGM Credo: 

I can make magic in this world. 

If I care, so does God. 

I need a little help sometimes—we all do. 


You can try on the PFGM Credo as well. I have an app in my phone called “Remember the Milk.” It sends me daily reminders of things I need to do—because I enter them into the app. One of the messages I send myself every day is:

I am a magical being and magical things happen in my life every day.

The reason I need to see this, and be reminded of it, is that the world is getting scarier and scarier. The media traffick in fear and loathing all the time. I don’t choose to live in a world characterized that way. Wonderful things happen here, too, and I want to be a part of the wonder, not the worry. I want to contribute to the wonder as well.

Another thing I do to remind myself of my own magic is to wish others: 

Have a magical day! 

Everyone wants to live in a magical world, and be a magical creature. Some of that is within your control.

The ideas in the PFGM Credo are really permission slips. Permission to believe in magic, permission to have faith that if I care so does the Wonder, permission to get help when we need it. 

Use your Free Will for yourself rather than the reverse, Beloved! 

It makes for magical days, magical nights, and a magical life.

Here are some other resources that will help you navigate the Crossroads: 

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