Some kind words from my clients. . .

University Dean
Transformation. Compassion. Inspiration. Courage. If these words describe what you seek, call Dr. Corso! If your heart is open, her words will challenge you, her intuition will guide you, and her spirit will console you. My life will never be the same after two wonderful years of time spent with her.

Medical Practice Director
Susan's work is grounded in love, compassion, wisdom, and support. She helps me make sense of my life; she can explain my own thoughts and feelings (and why I may be experiencing them) far better than I ever could, myself. She views my life from a 10,000 foot view, through a lens of universal love and wisdom -- not mired in the minutiae as I am. Gaining this clarity, I am empowered to speak my truth, find compassion for myself, and make purposeful choices. I am eternally grateful that Susan's path crossed mine. She continues to make an indelible mark on my life. I would not be the same person nor have the same experience of life without her wisdom, love, and support.

College Student:
Dr. Corso has the extraordinary ability to distill important and complex ideas into a few words.

Business Coach:
I have seen exceptional results from my work with Dr. Corso. Her thoughtful guidance and support helped me bring wellbeing to my life. Once I understood why I was who I was, I was able to successfully navigate my future. Susan was a powerful guide as I changed my life course. I thank her for the new view I now hold regarding everything in my daily life.

Susan identified my psycho-spiritual roadblock, and as we worked together, she led me to the resolution. She worked with me in the language I use to identify God, always with the utmost respect, love -- and dare I say, wit.

Life Coach:
During our first meeting, Dr. Corso was able to give me the very tools I needed. She is an extremely skilled facilitator of transformation. Anyone deciding to make serious progress on their life's journey would be blessed to work with her.

During this session, we will: 

  • Find out where you really want to be;

  • Get really clear on where you are;

  • Figure out the obstacles that are keeping you stuck;

  • Discover the kind of magic we can make together; and

  • Conjure a plan for tying your seemingly intractable Crossroads up in a bow and slapping it on your gift box of  I'm possibilities.