Boots & Boas

An ongoing butch-femme romance series, written under the pseudonym Vivienne Hartt Quinn, the first in the series introduces the Butch Brigade — originally nine, now eight, tight-knit butch friends in their late thirties to forties who are just about ready to settle down. After their nominal leader finds the femme of her dreams, the hunt is on for the right femme for every butch.


Attending Physician: Psychologist Verity Spencer is taking a break from supporting a friend in labor when she literally runs into hot butch ob/gyn Raven Lange. After a thwarted attempt at connecting, they manage it, and the love begins to grow. Verity falls in love with Raven’s adopted three year old, Lucy, and things are looking good until a client's boyfriend holds Verity hostage. Then Raven's Butch Brigade kicks in. . .

Arresting Rendition: Dex, the geek butch of the Brigade, only dates geek femmes. He breaks up with them — calls it deleting them — if they don’t know more than he does. Enter Ph,D. candidate in theatre, Miriam Epstein-Siegel, a gay divorcée, by her own reckoning. Dex just might have to revise his dating policy.

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