Lifework: In Person

Doors create thresholds.
Thresholds portend change.
Committing to your own change process sometimes requires an experienced guide.
Whether it’s ongoing counseling, a special retreat, or a ceremony to celebrate your integrity, it’s my honor to serve you in this way.

The front door of my home, Cupcake Manor

The front door of my home, Cupcake Manor


I’ve been a spiritual director and spiritual counselor for more than 35 years. This is in-depth work with specific goals and timelines. I am drawn particularly to work with servant leaders who work with the public: pastors, healers, doctors, business leaders, sales teams. If you feel called to work with me, please click HERE and I’ll be in touch.

Spiritual & Artistic Retreats

I offer bespoke retreats in my home, Cupcake Manor, in the Kingston, New York area. I customize your retreat to suit you. Some are creative or artistic retreats, some are about spiritual growth or unlocking a big stumbling block.  Occasionally, I will travel to facilitate a group retreat.  Contact me, and I’ll gladly get back to you.


I offer all the standard ministerial ceremonies—baptisms, weddings, funeral — and some you’ve probably never even heard of: space and personal clearing, space blessings, ritual to honor Queening, Croning, Divorce. Suffice it to say, anything can be blessed by ceremony, and mine are all customized to your need.  Contact me, and I’ll be in touch.