Lifework: In Print

Writing is What I Do.

My writing is the primary vehicle of my gifts to the world. It’s how I most easily share my expertise in integrity — wholeness. A client asked me once how I schedule the time to write. I said, “I don’t, but I don’t schedule time to breathe either.” I write every day because I’m happy when I do.

I have the first essay I ever wrote — in 1963. The first sentence is: “I like to think about fairies and witches.” I still do, except now I call it writing fiction, most particularly The Mex Mysteries. My goal is to offer ongoing enlightening entertainment, and entertaining enlightenment, to you. I also write nonfiction, essays, weekly Seeds, and whatever else strikes my fancy on any given day. 


The Mex Mysteries

Based in New York City, Mexicali Rose “you can call me Mex” Stone is above all a human being having a spiritual experience. She’s an intuitive investigator who solves her cases from the inside out. By listening to the inner voice she calls Spirit, Mex catches her culprit, and always learns something about herself.


Boots & Boas

This is my ongoing butch-femme romance series. A group of long-time friends calling themselves The Butch Brigade begin to find the femmes of their best dreams-come-true.  My oldest friend, at a time when I was way down in the dumps, dared me to write a lesbian romance novel. Attending Physician is the first of my Butch-Femme Romance series, written under the name of Vivienne Hartt Quinn just for fun. Arresting Rendition is in the works and others are planned.


Spiritual Works

I’ve been a spiritual teacher, counselor, and mentor for more than 35 years, so I write nonfiction as well.  My latest is an intuitive translation of the second-most translated book of all time — the Tao Te Ching — called Tao for Now.


I've been writing Seeds for twenty-one years — I think the only thing I've done longer is breathe! I collect ideas all year round and send out short emails of inspiration once a week — quotes or images along with my meditations on those messages.


 My blog is the repository of my opinion and essay writing. I tend to reflect on the news of the day in a completely different way than most people think about the news that I call The On-The-Other-Hand News. The idea is to see more deeply into the surface and find the spiritual meaning in the mundane.