Lifework: In Public

Is there a door in front of you? Is it your door?
Do you want to go through it? 
Are you on the threshold of a big change?
Do you know you want that change?
Is it yours to make?

Bright Doors.jpg

If you, or your team, your class, your organization, your club, your church, or your group of any kind are looking for a guide to walk you through this door to change and on your way to greater integrity, perhaps a bespoke presentation by an expert is in order? 

Every presentation I do is customized, designed to take you and your compatriots into a new sense of meaning, enthusiasm, and integrity on your hero’s journey.

Most often, I am asked to speak about three over-arching themes. They are Integrity, Metaphysics, and Peace. Given these scaffoldings, the rest of any presentation I deliver is full of story, topical issues, and ideas to support your continued becoming into wholeness. 

The kinds of presentations I offer are below.  Contact me to arrange a conversation to discuss your group’s specific needs.


Are you a corporate officer? Are you a team leader? Are you a public-facing team? 

Corporations usually bring me in to speak or consult to one of three groups: C-suites, sales teams, or customer service teams; sometimes, to keynote for full-company gatherings. The goal is to recognize the inherent integrity of your organization, and move the company and its teams forward on the trajectory you choose, based on its natural wholeness.


Are you a student leader? A department chair? A college administrator? 

Institutions of higher learning are usually looking for a keynote to celebrate a milestone or for faculty in-service presentations. Individual campus groups, departments, or professors bring me in to speak to integrity within their own disciplines and interests.  


Are you someone who learns by doing? Do you enjoy the back-and-forth of finding a new way that’s better for everyone? Do you work best in collaboration?

Like a seminar, conversations are a chance to apply what I teach to your specific discipline or group. Perfect for a classroom, or a small break-out session at a conference or full-company meeting, I start with a teaching, and then together we go deeper than a speech allows. Q & A provides the meat of these presentations as we connect ideas to your particular practicalities. The end result is a group engaged, and ready to walk through a new door.


Are you asking the deep questions in life? Do you yearn for your own sustaining philosophy?

I am always glad to be a guest preacher in any church setting that welcomes me. Usually, I’ll preach for Sunday services, host a conversation and a healing service on the following Wednesday, and take private consultation appointments between the two.


Are you a mystery reader? Are you a writer? Are you a book group leader?

It’s usually a hoot to do a reading from any of my fiction, especially The Mex Mysteries. Most often, I am invited to a bookstore or a book group. I’ll do a book-signing, and a reading with a Q & A of an evening. Sometimes, there’s a chance to pre-arrange private meetings with writers as well.