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Seeds XX, 29 Seed: Replacement

HARO [Help A Reporter Out] founder Peter Shankman was quoted in Barbara Winter’s always stellar Winning Ways as citing this as his favorite bit of advice.

In the end, it comes down to my favorite bit of advice: Simply replace ‘I have to,’ with ‘I get to.’ You’ll be amazed what happens when you do.

Mr. Shankman is one hundred percent correct. When we ‘get to’ do something, we anticipate it with pleasure—even if it’s tax preparation. When we ‘have to’ do something, we feel it as an obligation. Replace ‘have’ with ‘get.’

So often, I end up parsing out experiences people report to me, and by changing one word—leaving out ‘only’ is just one example—their entire experience changes.

Try it. The only risk you take is shock and amazement at how well things go.

Be powerful,