This year my weekly newsletter Seeds is 19 years old. It was inspired by the prodigious work of metaphysician Emmet Fox. I wanted to send a weekly inspirational gift that was a quickie — to cause a deepening of spiritual thought, word, and deed. It seems to be working; I still have some of the charter subscribers.  Sign Up Here to receive the latest Seed each Friday by email.

The current Seed is below. 


Seeds XX, 12 Seed: From You

Happiness is a Choice.jpg

Ralph Fulsom Marston was a professional football player who spent a season in the National Football League with the Boston Bulldogs in 1929. His words are the Secret so few of us know.

You can make a choice for happiness, if you want it.

The key is that it can’t/won’t come to you; it has to come from you.


Be powerful,