This year my weekly newsletter Seeds is 20 years old. It was inspired by the prodigious work of metaphysician Emmet Fox. I wanted to send a weekly inspirational gift that was a quickie — to cause a deepening of spiritual thought, word, and deed. It seems to be working; I still have some of the charter subscribers.  Sign Up Here to receive the latest Seed each Friday by email.

The current Seed is below. 


Seeds XX, 19 Seed: Excitement

Business guru Robert Heller’s words on my Mary Engelbreit page-a-day calendar brought me to complete stillness.

Fear is excitement without breath.

You already know the line between fear and excitement is as thin as a hair; they’re the flip sides of the same coin. I’m imagining I can hear your thoughts: And all I have to do is add breath to get over fear?!?

Well, think about it. When was the last time you did or had to do something that frightened you? What did you do? I recently drove in punishing sleet at night. What I did was take a deep breath.

The moment I did, the fear ebbed, my thoughts  shifted to I can do this, and I did it. Got home with me, my beloved, the groceries, and the car in one piece.

The next time you’re afraid, breathe till you find the excitement masquerading as fear.

Be powerful,