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The current Seed is below. 

Thank Account.jpg

Seeds XX, 7 Seed: Thank Account

I know you did a double-take at that title. Yes, I mean Thank Account, not Bank Account.

I found this quote from a reader named Thomas Butler in Guideposts:

 Counting your blessings builds up your thank account.

So, you know, don’t you, that our economy is based on the notion that there is never enough, and that there will never be enough, that we’ll never have enough, too, right? You also know that much dissatisfaction in this world is based on this not-enoughness that we learn, but in fact isn’t really true.

Let me get in your face for a moment: Do you count your blessings?

Or do you more often count what you don’t have rather than what you do have? Most of us keep close track of what we lack, rather than noticing how much we have. Look down at your body right now. Are you at work? Are you clothed? Three blessings right there.

The thing is: as you build up your Thank Account, it seems to work on your Bank Account as well. Try it for thirty days, and let me know what happens.

Be powerful,