This year my weekly newsletter Seeds is 19 years old. It was inspired by the prodigious work of metaphysician Emmet Fox. I wanted to send a weekly inspirational gift that was a quickie — to cause a deepening of spiritual thought, word, and deed. It seems to be working; I still have some of the charter subscribers.  Sign Up Here to receive the latest Seed each Friday by email.

The current Seed is below. 


Seeds XIX, 31:  What Are You?

What Are You? is the name of my all-time favorite book on basic metaphysics, the philosophy upon which I have based my theology and my everyday living. It’s by a woman named Imelda Octavia Shanklin, and if you can find it, read it! Regardless, this Seed arose from spiritual teacher Danielle LaPorte’s answer to Mrs. Shanklin’s question. Here it is:

You are a gorgeous complexity.

Isn’t that a yummy answer? And doesn’t it cover everything and anything you, or any of us, might choose/want to be?

Despite our (human) penchant for reductionism—code for making things as simple as they can be—we really are, each of us, and all of us, quite complex—at every level. Body complex, Heart complex, Mind complex, and Spirit complex.

Just don’t forget your gorgeous-ity!

Be love,