Susan Corso


Loss and grief are what made me a Spiritual Mentor—in particular, lots of experience with death. I met God through personal tragedy; it happens that way for lots of us. What it means for my work is that in all these formats below, we connect with your concept of Divinity and work with that toward solutions and dreams-come-true. Click HERE for a long-form bio with juicy details.


You’ve been asking for a while, and I’ve finally listened—sorry to be so dense sometimes! I’ve been an intuitive since I was five, and yes, I can and am committed to doing readings again. Sometimes, I just tune in; others, I’ll use the tarot.


I’ve been a spiritual director and spiritual counselor for more than 35 years. At this point, I am drawn particularly to those servant leaders whose constituencies are public: pastors, healers, doc-tors, sales teams. This is more in-depth work with specific goals and timelines. Generally, I work in 13-week segments, and we reevaluate our work and goals every quarter. If you have read a book of mine, and feel drawn to working with me, please fill out the Contact Form, and I’ll be in touch.


I offer all the standard ministerial ceremonies—baptisms, weddings, funerals—and some you’ve probably never even heard of: space and personal clearing, space blessings, ritual to honor Queening, Croning, Divorce. Suffice it to say, anything can be blessed by a ceremony, and mine are all customized to your need..  Fill out the Contact Form, and I’ll be in touch.

Spiritual and Artistic Retreats

I offer retreats in our home in the Kingston, New York area. We design their structure together. Some are 4th and 5th Steps, some are creative or artistic retreats, some are about spiritual growth or unlocking a big stumbling block. We design the retreats together. Fill in the Contact Form, and I’ll gladly get back to you.