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Seeds XXI, 37 Seed: When You’re Clear

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                        Lately, when I ask people how they are, I have noticed that I often hear the word ‘overwhelmed.’ That’s why these words from author and coach Tama J. Kieves which appeared in Barbara Winter’s Winning Ways were such a balm: 

Being overwhelmed does not come from having too much to do.

It comes from lack of clarity.

When you’re clear, you know you don’t need to do everything.

You just have to do the right thing.

             Interestingly, her quote answered a long-held question of mine. Most of those who tell me they’re overwhelmed go on to list the multitude of things they have to do. I’ve long thought that too much to do wasn’t the cause of overwhelm. 

            Usually, I tell the overwhelmed to close their eyes, scan the to-do list, and let one—just one—thing come forward that needs doing right now. When that thing is done, do it again, and the next one thing will show up—all the way to the end of the list. 

            I’d even add to Tama’s good advice. Don’t worry about doing the right thing—as if there’s a wrong thing. Instead, do the next right thing. Then do the one after that till you’re done.

Be happy,