This year my newsletter of weekly wisdom Seeds is 21 years old. It was inspired by the prodigious work of metaphysician Emmet Fox. I wanted to send a weekly inspirational gift that was a quickie — to cause a deepening of spiritual thought, word, and deed. It seems to be working; I still have some of the charter subscribers.  Sign Up Here to receive the latest Seed each Friday by email.

The current Seed is below. 

Seeds XXI, 7 Seed: Activism 2: By Myself

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Activism is much on my mind these days because there are so many fronts on which I’d like to act that I sometimes find it paralyzing. Barbara Winter’s wisdom to the rescue. She wrote about three tenets of true activism that rang the bell of truth in my heart. Here’s the second:

ACTIVISM 2: I can’t change it all by myself.

This addresses the isolation problem when it comes to holding our outrage and feeling like we are all alone in it. As a cross stitch I saw recently said, If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

When I know that I can’t change anything (except my own thoughts) all by myself, I begin immediately to draw to me like-minded others who hold the same values I do and who care about what I care about. The combined power of two or more makes the outrage easier to manage.

Knowing I’m not alone gives me hope. How about you?

Be happy,