The Mex Mysteries

This is my ongoing spiritual fiction series—designed to both enlighten and entertain! Purchase the Mex Mysteries directly from the Emporium or wherever ebooks are sold.



Boots and Boas

My oldest friend once dared me to write a lesbian romance novel. Attending Physician is the first of my Butch-Femme Romance series, written under the name of Vivienne Hartt Quinn just for fun. Others are in the works.



Tao for Now

My intuitive translation of the Tao is available as a hard cover book, an ebook and an audio recording.


Circles of Peace

This book applies Peace practice to everyday situations like divorce, aging, and parenting. It also contains meditations on topics such as freedom, love, wisdom and more.


Each Day a New Day for #Innerpeace

This book is a book of peace practice. I truly believe that peace has to start with inner peace. Without it, we can’t be peaceful with one another, nor can we create peace on earth. This is a helper to start on your own inner peace journey.


Heirloom Seeds

 I have gathered heirloom Seeds from my past 20 years of writing weekly Seeds and created these booklets for self-study and practice. These are exclusive pdf books gathered by topic, available only in this Emporium.